Friday, March 12, 2010


March 8, 2010

Every year during the month of March, the Oconee County Jail allows New Life Church to do a prison service on each Saturday from 9:00am to 10:00am. We are excited about this year’s events and I believe the Lord has brought about a great prison ministry team: Scott Strawn, Steve Russell, Ashley Vaughn, Chris Greenwood, Zach Hammond, Blake Miller, and Mercer Cox. There will be others involved throughout the coming days. Thanks to Oconee Baptist Church and their pastor Steve Powers as well as the Oconee Sheriff’s Department for extending this invitation to minister to the prisoners.

This past Saturday, Mercer Cox, Scott Strawn, Steve Russell, and Chris Greenwood went in for an hour and ministered to the hurting and desperate souls in the jail. There were a total of five this past Saturday. The prospects are good for God to do great things in our county facility as the people of New Life Church are fasting and praying throughout the month for souls to be reached and won to Christ. The picture to the left shows the jail ministry team of New Life for this past Saturday’s activities. (Pictured from  left to right: Steve Russell, Scott Strawn, Chris Greenwood, and Mercer Cox)


February 27, 2010

We had a great service in February at the facility in Snellville, Georgia. Park Wood Homes always do a great job taking care of their patients and allowing New Life to come and minister there once a month. We have been averaging almost forty participants in the services. This month we had another special speaker Ron Pasdon of Monroe, Georgia as well as special music by the outreach team. Again, Mercer Cox blessed the day with an awesome rendition of the Jeff and Sherrie Easter song “Over and Over…”. Ron, Mercer, Chris Greenwood, Jackie Self, Howard Hammond, and Scott Strawn completed the team on this blessed Saturday in February. We sang some great congregational numbers such as “I want to know more about my Jesus” and “Standing on the Promises”. Mercer Cox sang with great anointing and truly touched the hearts of the ministry team as well as the patients. Chris Greenwood gave a devotional on being the “Salt of the Earth” and principles of salt. Ron Pasdon gave a great talk on a never failing God during times of feeling neglected and alone. We ended the service with prayer for three individuals and Brother Wallace sang an old song with great praise in his heart. We look forward to the month of March. God Bless to our great pastor and pastor’s wife, Tim and Dorcas Hammond, who supports our ministry efforts in the Nursing Home ministry and all those faithful supporters of New Life Church in Watkinsville, Georgia.


MARCH 2010

Pamela Strawn was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor that was growing just below the brain in her head in 1991. She had known that this small tumor was there but was treatable with medications. From 1991 until 2009, it had appeared to have shrunk or at least stayed the same size. However, over the last three to four years, she had been getting numerous migraine headaches that made her way of life very difficult. These headaches would sometimes last three and four days long. This continual problem with the migraines prompted many doctor visits and then finally a brain scan. In late 2009, she was told by doctors after looking over the brain scan that the pituitary tumor was growing. It was unknown as to whether or not this was contributing to the headaches. There was some concern to the doctors as to “why” this tumor had started growing again. It seemed as if she was definitely going to face a very dangerous surgery to remove this tumor. However, according to the bible, those who serve the Lord with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength have promises from God concerning our health and welfare. Isaiah said it best in Isaiah 53, “by his stripes we are healed”. In the New Testament, the bible teaches that God would provide “our needs according to his riches in glory…” Pam through faith in the ministry was anointed and prayed for by the elders of the church. James said in his book that “the prayer of faith would save the sick…” Pam went to see some specialists at Emory University Hospital in Decatur, Georgia in the beginning of 2010. After further diagnosis, they told her that “the tumor appears to have ruptured and the body is absorbing the blood.” Surgery would not be required and she would recover. As time has gone on, it is now March and the headaches are getting fewer and fewer. Each headache seems to take less time to heal. It would appear that a “divine” healing has taken place and Jesus Christ through his precious blood and sacrifice on the cross has touched Pamela in a mighty way. To God Be the Glory!


There was an awesome move of God in the January services. We had some truly great people come from New Life Church with us this month. Steve Russell was our special speaker and our special musical guest was Mercer Cox of Statham, Georgia along with Howard Hammond, the Garner family, Jackie Self, and Scott Strawn. We sang a number of the old congregational style hymns and Mercer Cox ministered in song called “The Lighthouse”. Chris Greenwood gave a great devotional as he usually does and Scott Strawn wrapped up the service with prayer for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bale. God truly touched Dorothy Bale in a mighty way. Steve Russell ministered in his usual awesome way and blessed the entire day.