Friday, March 25, 2011


We honor Pastor Perry and Walk on Water Ministries for allowing us to host a New Life Apostolic service at their facility.  Walk on Water is a wonderful outreach center for those in need and having the opportunity to participate was an awesome blessing.  

The night began with an overwhelming anticipation.  Walking in to the center, you could not help but notice the friendly and generous countenance of the Walk on Water staff and the New Lifers.  We had all come expecting a move of God.  A move is what we expected and a move is what we received.  You could feel the Holy Ghost immediately fall when we began our pre-service prayer in the family room. Tongues echoed as the wonderful spirit of the Lord settled in the midst of the people.  This was but the first of what God had planned for the evening. 

 After an inspiring performance by the Creative Worship Team, the New Life Praise Team, followed by Brother Mercer Cox, took the stage and shared a glimpse of the Lord through worship and song.  It was great to see young and old people alike, in a strange setting, worshiping Jesus Christ without shame or fear.  You could gradual see smiles appear upon faces that, only moments ago, had none.  

The people were ready for a word from God.  Bishop B.G. Miller then took the platform and introduced the Holy Ghost.  With fiery words from his lips and a humble and sincere heart, he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The precious anointing kept filling the room as the excitement of the Holy Spirit filled the hearts and minds of those in attendance.  Pastor Perry’s heartfelt testimony after only proved further that the Holy Ghost was in the place.  As a handful of people made their way to the front for altar call, it was a blessing to see the awesome response by New Life and Walk on Water staff.  Strangers coming together with strangers to pray under the power and anointing of Jesus Christ is a precious precious thing.  At least one received the gift of the Holy Spirit, others were refilled, and even more were ministered to and touched by God.  There was a true outpouring of His anointing.

It was an immense blessing being able to participate.  Pastor Perry Burgess does an amazing job managing the facility and providing a place for those in need.  It was truly an honor for him to be able to open up his doors to us and allow us the chance to worship with his members.  God truly blesses those who bless his people. 


Bro. Chris Greenwood
NLAC Homeless Ministries Coordinator
NLAC Outreach Dept.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

OUR PRAYER REVIVAL ( January 30th – February 5th)

On Sunday, January the 30th at 7:00 p.m., our church body had the privilege of gathering together to pray and seek the face of God. This was the beginning of our prayer revival, which lasted for seven nights.

During this awesome time of prayer, our Pastor gave us a specific topic to pray for and he read scriptures each night that coincided with a specific them. We also were given the opportunity to bring written requests to the altar, claiming help, healing, and deliverance for ourselves, families and friends.

 Through our prayer revival we saw two baptized in the precious name of Jesus; one received the Holy Ghost immediately upon coming up out of the water!!  We have seen many drawn to God, and many renewed through our prayer revival!!

 We are blessed above and beyond the richest person on this earth to know the power that comes through prayer in the name of Jesus!!  Thank you God for the privilege and honor we have to come before you in prayer!!

 When we come into the church, "the house of sacrifice" (2 Chronicles 7:12), and humble ourselves (2 Chronicles 7:14), it will change the mind of God and his eyes and ears will be open (2 Chronicles 7:15-16).

We are continuing to reap the benefits of this prayer revival and believe that we will for days and weeks to come!!


 Written and submitted by Sis. Brenda Garner, a member of NLAC along with her husband Jeff. They also serve in several capacities including the outreach team.