Tuesday, April 26, 2011


New Life Apostolic had its bi-monthly evening service on April 17th.  Lead by the youth department, known as The Dash, the service was, once again, inspired and directed by the Holy Spirit.  While the night seemed exceptional to our guests and those new to New Life, this Sunday evening, was just a typical service hosted by an exceptional group of young people willing to yield to the Holy Spirit and allow themselves to be used in their worship.  Our youth consistently create an atmosphere of worship and anointing.  

A couple months ago, The Dash leaders asked our young people to step forward and give their testimonies regarding holiness.  Handfuls of youngsters were asked to take the podium and share their experiences and insight on living a holy life for God.  What does holiness mean to each one of them?  One would expect an average teenager to be nervous or fearful and maybe just spout off a few generic and uninspired sentences. Unlike the average teenager, our youth stepped up boldly.  Battles, both lost and won, trials and tribulations, both passed and failed, were shared.  With their hearts poured out and tears streaming down their faces, they laid out their lives for each other in plain view.  It was then that a realization came upon me.  This was a youth dedicated in its service to God above the service of this world.  This was a youth willing to sacrifice itself for the glorification of Jesus Christ.  They may bend at the hard hits this life has to offer, but they would not break.  You can tease them and torture them, but their vengeance would be in their smile of forgiveness.  This is The Dash.

So it comes as no surprise, that when given the opportunity to lead service, The Dash has no hesitation in tapping into the great and wonderful power that is Jesus Christ.   From pre-service prayer to dismissal, they give their all to Christ and He is there to respond according to His will.  Sunday, April 17 was no exception. Their preparation for the platform begins in their daily life and ends with pre-service prayer.  When the countdown begins, anticipation is high.  As The Dash takes the stage, the youth are electrifying and contagious.  When the first note hits, you can feel the precious anointing gently rest upon their lips.  As those lips sing praises unto God, that anointing makes its way into the congregation.  It isn’t long before the Spirit takes over.  One by one, the choir trickled down to the altar with joy on their lips and tears streaming down their cheeks.  By the third song, the altar was filled and the platform was near empty.  The congregation had responded and the anointing had completely filled the room.    You couldn’t describe the rest if you tried, for the overwhelming power of the anointing is only explicable with tongues ablaze with fire.  

The Dash is filled with youth in revolt.  But where many have revolted against proper doctrine and good teaching, these youth are in the middle of a revolution against this world and its desire to take all that is pure from them.  Where you find some teenagers focusing on themselves, you will find The Dash serving their communities, their church, and those in need.  You will find them giving their time.  You will find them giving their money.  You will find them praying for the lost.  You will find them at the altars of God pouring out their hearts to him.  You will find them with their arms wrapped around each other in love for one another. Where you seek God, you will find The Dash.

Written by Bro. Chris Greenwood
NLAC Outreach Team
Homeless Ministries Coordinator

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UPDATE ON TIMOTHY McCANNON - by Talmadge McCannon - April 12, 2011

As me and Timothy sat on the couch this morning and listened to the song this morning about the Blood I looked over at Timothy to tell him how I really liked that song and to my surprise he said to me with this serious look, Yep we are nothing without the covering of his Blood. I'm so thankful for the teachings at our church. As Pastor Tim preached in his message about the Blood this morning it made me think about the sign on our refrigirator that Timothy and Deanne made before his treatments ever started. 

Also an update on him is that he continues to gain strength and his doctors are amazed at him although they say he keeps them on their toes, he is an amazing child and I only hope to have as much faith as he does one day. Thanks for everyones prayers and we ask for everyone to continue with them.

Talmadge McCannon (pictured below with wife Deanne)
Uniion Point, Georgia