Wednesday, June 1, 2011


NLAC was delighted to invite the outreach team under the direction of Rev. Nathan Johnson to come to our May 28th service at Parkwood Homes in Snellville.  We are so excited to be able to turn this monthly ministry over to them starting in June of 2011. We have been privileged to work with Parkwood over the last three years with a monthly service as we have seen people filled with the Holy Ghost as well as healings take place.
The new outreach team, consisting of six individuals, comes from Word Aflame Tabernacle pastored by Rev.  Alan James. They are located in the Snellville, Georgia area. The website to their church is:

Word Aflame is a revival church and outreach minded. I was impressed by Bro. Nathan and his team as we transitioned our ministry over to them this past Saturday. The music that was brought forth in this service was modern and contemporary coupled with hymns from the past. The youth team was full of boldness as they went forth to greet the patients…..There was great interaction as we introduced the new team and backed out of the way allowing their church to take the reins and continue on with a great move of God! 

Bro. Nathan also gave his testimony as he spoke to the onlookers of staff and patients (32 in attendance) about the love of God and the many times God had healed him….Great faith was shown to those who listened intently and some raised their hands for prayer at the end of the service….

We are so excited to have Word Aflame take over the Parkwood ministry with enthusiasm, excitement, and boldness.  As Susan Bruce and I backed into the shadows to allow Word Aflame’s outreach team take the floor, I remarked that it was great that those who follow the Acts church in doctrine and deed can work together even if hailing from different churches. We concluded the meeting by introducing the new team to Bro. Wallace so they could meet his needs on a regular basis going forward. This was overall, a very successful day.

God Bless,

Scott Strawn, Outreach Director