Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The true spirit of encouragement can only come from Christ, and him alone. Pastor Tim Hammond preached a message on June 6, 2010 about "You Are Not Alone...." based on the story of Elijah. Scriptures were taken out of I Kings 19: 1-4. There is enough evidence for mankind to know there is a God and that he never leaves or forsakes those who serve him. He is also searching and seeking after the hurting and dying souls of this earth. No matter how far down in sin we go, how desperate we may feel, lonely, forsaken, he is always there with loving arms, waiting to heal and save. Watch the video below with an open mind and let God minister to you. It is gonna be alright! It is our hope that this song performed by Lauren Strawn of New Life Church in Watkinsville will minister to you.... God Bless You!!


  1. This was composed by Lauren Strawn of New Life Church of Watkinsville, Georgia with assistance from Patrick Miller.

  2. Wow! That is incredible! Is that Lauren singing? Who is Patrick Miller?