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October 26, 2010

Kristen got to sleep in a little bit this morning. She only sees the Occupational Therapist today for her Left Hand. She has been doing so well with range of motion . Her Left hand is almost in a fist. She works so hard with stretching and strengthening the small muscles with in her hand and fingers. When she stretches, Kristen states it feels like her ligaments are going to snap. The therapist informs her that she has to continue to stretch these ligaments to break up the scar tissue and adhesions. At night, I stretch her hand and fingers. I feel the tension when I pull her index finger. I then pull the finger tip down to her palm. I feel the ligaments tighten and stretch along her joint and knuckle. She tolerates the stretching, but it is difficult at times. We place a warm clothe on her hand prior to stretching. This helps warm up the small tendons and ligaments.
Kristen has completed her hand therapy for the day. The therapist is very pleased at her progress. She was tested with her grip and she is ready to start gripping a bat……….. Kristen was excited about this. She will begin wrist and hand strengthening.  She has a project she has to work on with her fingers. She is doing well with this. It is almost knitting with your fingers.
We don’t stay long, we have to get to the rehab facility to have a phone conference with Apalachee High School. We drive over and park the truck. We get there and was directed to classroom #6. We sit and was greeted one by one with all the therapist. Kristen was so excited she couldn’t sit still. The councilor had gotten on the phone and placed it on speaker. We all could hear everyone. The teacher here gave a little overview of the plans for Kristen on her return to school. Each therapist came in to discuss some needs and possible accommidations for her. Kristen will only need to complete 3 academic classes to graduate with her class. Kristen will really have to work hard to do this. Thru-out this phone conference, Kristen wants to talk to the councilor. She begins and does very well with explaining herself and what options would be available for her. The teacher here and I was very proud of her. Thank you Apalachee and she can’t wait to get back there! Her estimated start date is Weds. November 3rd. It will be 3 months and she will be back at school. A_M_A_Z_I_N_G! God is so good!!!!!
I am thinking back when all the Doctors and Nurses told us that she would need to take a year off of high school………. Yes………… God is so good!
(Pictured below is Kristen's homecoming photo. Her dad Scott is also pictured as well)

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