Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Amazing Miracle Continues To Grow - Updates on Kristen Clack's Progress

(From the Kristen Clack Website per Misty Clack)

Birthday Wishes………

My Kristen turned 18 last Monday. We had her a surprise Birthday Party at Constance Manor in Winder…. thank you John and Lee Perkins. They called about a week before her Birthday and informed us that she was going to have her party there. Scott and I were very excited and this was so unexpected. We had to get the family together in a hurry for this BIG and Special Day for her. It seemed we just had her welcome home party with our family. Kristen never asks for anything and all she wanted to do was to go bowling at Stars and Strikes and meet up with a couple of her friends. Maybe she will get to do this too.
The week is about near and the planning is in full speed. The cake? I need to get a cake ordered, but how am I going to do this. Then I recieved a call from a dear friend of ours and she said not to worry. Sugar Kneads, out of Loganville will do her cake. They said they would be honored to do her 18th Birthday cake. God is good. I just wanted to cry. I couldn’t wait to see what Sugar Kneads had in mind. They are so creative and can do anything with cake!!!!
Monday is here and time to set up. I only have a couple of hours so I don’t slow down. Thank you Penny and Mat. Kristen is not a “pink” prissy kinda girl, so the theme was going to be in fall colors. To represent this new season of fall. Oranges, yellows and browns covered the reception room. I placed index cards on the table so that everyone could write their own “Words Of Wisdom” to our new adult in the family. I wrapped pens with floral tape and fall flowers.  The plates and napkins were all fall themed as well. The tables were set and everything was placed perfectly. I need to go and get Kristen and head home so she doesn’t think anything is up. I gave her the OK to make plans to go bowling, but it will be a little later than usual.
I have Kristen with me and it is time to go by there. The excuse was Scott was working and we were going to pick him up to go eat dinner. There were no inside lights on and we walked thru the entrance of Constance Manor. Scott greeted us at the door. We all walked thru the dark halls talking and laughing. All of a sudden, the lights came on and voices yelling “Surprise!” Kristen was so surprised. She never knew or had any idea.  We all gathered for prayer and began to eat together.
I walked over to the cake………. can I say, OMG. Absolutely Beautiful. A 2 tiered chocolate on chocolate cake. Perfectly designed for Kristen! Chocolate covered strawberries and chips of milk chocolate delicately cut and placed on top. The cut chips of chocolate was airbrushed like lace and stripes. It looked better than the “Ace Of Cakes”. It took everyone’s breathe away. I had Kristen gather at the back of the cake and made several pictures. Each family member was pictured with Kristen. The plan is to place these individual pictures with the note cards, that has their own “Words Of Wisdom” in a picture album. This will be her first Adult/Family album. We celebrated her life with cake, candles and love.
Singing Happy Birthday to her had a whole different meaning to it.
“Happy Birthday P-Nut”

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