Tuesday, March 1, 2011

OUR PRAYER REVIVAL ( January 30th – February 5th)

On Sunday, January the 30th at 7:00 p.m., our church body had the privilege of gathering together to pray and seek the face of God. This was the beginning of our prayer revival, which lasted for seven nights.

During this awesome time of prayer, our Pastor gave us a specific topic to pray for and he read scriptures each night that coincided with a specific them. We also were given the opportunity to bring written requests to the altar, claiming help, healing, and deliverance for ourselves, families and friends.

 Through our prayer revival we saw two baptized in the precious name of Jesus; one received the Holy Ghost immediately upon coming up out of the water!!  We have seen many drawn to God, and many renewed through our prayer revival!!

 We are blessed above and beyond the richest person on this earth to know the power that comes through prayer in the name of Jesus!!  Thank you God for the privilege and honor we have to come before you in prayer!!

 When we come into the church, "the house of sacrifice" (2 Chronicles 7:12), and humble ourselves (2 Chronicles 7:14), it will change the mind of God and his eyes and ears will be open (2 Chronicles 7:15-16).

We are continuing to reap the benefits of this prayer revival and believe that we will for days and weeks to come!!


 Written and submitted by Sis. Brenda Garner, a member of NLAC along with her husband Jeff. They also serve in several capacities including the outreach team.

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  1. It was an awesome time of prayer! Thanks to all the faithful prayer warriors who came out to fight the good fight of faith!