Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UPDATE ON TIMOTHY McCANNON - by Talmadge McCannon - April 12, 2011

As me and Timothy sat on the couch this morning and listened to the song this morning about the Blood I looked over at Timothy to tell him how I really liked that song and to my surprise he said to me with this serious look, Yep we are nothing without the covering of his Blood. I'm so thankful for the teachings at our church. As Pastor Tim preached in his message about the Blood this morning it made me think about the sign on our refrigirator that Timothy and Deanne made before his treatments ever started. 

Also an update on him is that he continues to gain strength and his doctors are amazed at him although they say he keeps them on their toes, he is an amazing child and I only hope to have as much faith as he does one day. Thanks for everyones prayers and we ask for everyone to continue with them.

Talmadge McCannon (pictured below with wife Deanne)
Uniion Point, Georgia

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  1. Amazing story continues! Thank God for miracles! Great family who have battled on and inspired an entire congregation!