Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A MIRACLE CONTINUES....By Talmadge McCannon


Timothy has finally gotten over what the doctors call the hump. He spent some time in the hospital lately with fevers due to having low blood counts. He also gave us a scare about a month ago when his speech became slurred and one side of his face was drawing when he would speak, all the sign’s of a stroke but all the test showed nothing was wrong...He was rushed to Atlanta by ambulance and of course there was a prayer chain started immediately, by 11 o’clock that night he was back to normal and as the doctors said the next day it was amazing that he recovered that quickly. He was only the 12th kid that had that reaction to the treatments After going for weekly treatments since Jan. he has moved into what they call the maintenance program where he will go for monthly treatments for up to 3 more years. He will continue to take chemo pills daily and he has even gotten better at taking pills, (Praise the Lord). He had a tough time taking pills and getting sick almost every time he had to do it.

We have a little saying of lately though… What the devil tells him that he can’t do, God says he can! Since we started saying that when it comes time for taking the medicine it’s amazing at how much easier it has been...His hair is growing back and he is gaining weight. God has had it all under control from the start and I sometimes wonder if this thing that we thought was so awful, could it turn out to be a great blessing? It has allowed me to witness to so many people and tell them how good God is. We are a much closer family and have more faith than ever. We thank the lord daily for his blessings and good health. Thanks again from the McCannon family and continue to pray for us. I say it all the time but I’m so thankful to be a part of a praying church and so blessed with great family and friends.

Bro. Talmadge McCannon 
Union Point, Georgia (shown below with Timothy and Bishop Hammond)

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  1. I have been and will continue, to pray for Timothy and your entire family. I admire this little boy so much for his huge courage and total faith as he deals with this sickness. Timothy is truly a child of God. May God continue to heal and bless Timothy with good health.
    Carlene Noggle